As your electric cooperative, we look for ways to take a balanced approach towards energy production. Members continue to show an increasing interest in renewable energy. Because of that interest, we are offering members an affordable, relatively effortless way to receive a portion of their energy from solar — a renewable energy source.

Butler Rural Community Solar allows members to purchase subscriptions to solar panels at a local solar array. The array is located on the corner of Lanes Mill and Stillwell Beckett roads across from the cooperative’s office. Butler Rural Community Solar provides a local power source, which allows members to have more control over a portion of their power supply. Generating energy with solar power creates no pollution or carbon dioxide emissions and is a clean, renewable, and sustainable alternative energy source.

  • Panels are on a first-come basis. All panels are currently full, however, we are compiling a waiting list for anyone interested.
  • Members of Butler Rural Electric Cooperative can subscribe to up to five solar panels, and the energy produced by those panels will be calculated into their monthly bill.
  • Members can choose a five, 10, or 20 year agreement. The Butler Rural Community Solar rate will be fixed during the agreement but is subject to change after the agreement ends.
  • Participating in Butler Rural Community Solar will not decrease a subscriber’s monthly electric bill. The average cost will be approximately $2 per month, per panel with the solar credit applied. This cost will be in addition to participating members’ current electric bills.
  • The community solar rate is currently higher than energy produced by traditional resources. However, the community solar rate will remain constant for the duration of the agreement while other wholesale energy costs are subject to increase with market fluctuations.
  • Each panel is expected to produce about 400 kilowatt–hours per year, but the output may be more or less in any given year, depending on weather conditions. The energy produced by the panels will be calculated into a subscriber’s monthly bill.
  • Subscribers will continue to receive their bill, but it will now show that a portion of their energy is produced by the solar panels they subscribe to and pay for at the community solar rate.
  • If the agreement is canceled early due to moving, subscribers can return their subscription to Butler Rural Electric Cooperative at no cost. If the agreement is canceled early for a different reason, the subscription may be returned to Butler Rural Electric Cooperative by paying an administrative fee of $50 per panel.
  • Eligibility requirements are listed in the Community Solar Agreement.

Interested in Community Solar?

Our community solar array is now fully subscribed! For more information on joining the waiting list, please click here to complete the interest form.

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